Isra Hamdon

Al-Teslim 30 years

8.11. at 7pm Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2
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Last year Etnosoi! celebrated its 30th edition – now it is anniversary time for Al-Teslim!
Al-Teslim performs classical music and folk music from different Arabic countries as well as music from the Ottoman era. They use traditional acoustic instruments such as nai flute, oud lute, qanun zither, kaman violin, bass and darabuka drum. The vocalist of the ensemble is Burhan Hamdon from Syria, who is especially gifted in performing songs connected to the rich sufi tradition from his country, accompanied by a frame drum only.
For the 30 years anniversary concert Al-Teslim has invited two special guests from Great Britain: the Syrian musicians Rihab Azar and Jamal Alsakka have performed and taught extensively, among others at the Damascos Conservatory. Rihab Azar was also the first female oud player to perform as a soloist with the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic music.
Leif Karlson – qanun
Kai Olander – nai
Eira Karlson – kaman
Burhan Hamdon – vocals
Markku Nikula - bass
Rihab Azar – oud
Jamal Alsakka – percussion, req

Before the concert you have a chance to Meet the Artist in Café Pokkari at 5.30 pm.
The concert is produced by Global Music Centre and Helsinki Cultural Centre.