DJ Palmu  - photo Hilder Brando

Hilder Brando

DJ Palmu

Friday, Nov. 12 at 7pm DJ Palmu (foyer of the Sello hall), 8pm Sarah Palu (Sello Hall), Sello Hall, Espoo
18/15 €
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In the foyer of the Sello hall before the Sarah Palu concert, DJ Palmu heats up the festival atmosphere with rhythmic music from around the world. The set list features electro cumbia and Afro house influences, including acoustic, timeless recordings from four continents.
DJ Palmu (Julia Palmu) is a singer-songwriter, cultural producer and DJ who has lived in Colombia, the Czech Republic and elsewhere, exploring the musical cultures of various regions and collaborating with local musicians. Palmu creates her own music under name Julia Adal and works as the Etnosoi! festival publicist.