Juha Olkkonen

Emmi Kuittinen & Ikuisen ikävän orkesteri: Itken ja laulan (‘I Cry and I Sing’)

Record release concert!
Saturday 31.10.2020 at 18 (duration about 60 minutes, no intermission) Kanneltalo, Helsinki
tickets 15 / 12
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The music of Emmi Kuittinen’s group Ikuisen ikävän orkesteri is based on the itkuvirsi or lament tradition. She started the group in 2017, when it premiered a three-day performance based on Karelian death rituals entitled Kuolinriitti (‘Death Rite’). The group will celebrate the release of their album Itken ja laulan with a concert during the Etnosoi! festival. The album features laments and songs from Kuolinriitti and other laments about life and death by Kuittinen.

Singer-musician Kuittinen is deeply steeped in Karelian folk music. She specialises in itkuvirsi, one of the world’s oldest traditional forms, combining it with other genres including dance, circus and even stand-up comedy. The members of her Ikuisen ikävän orkesteri are dyed-in-the-wool folk music professionals who have been involved in many madcap projects: Heidi Haapoja-Mäkelä (vocals), Charlotta Hagfors (vocals), Amanda Kauranne (vocals and percussion), Juulia Salonen (vocals and kantele), Minsku Tammela (vocals), Mira Törmälä (vocals and accordion) and Kirsi Vinkki (violin, viola, jouhikko and vocals).

This Etnosoi! concert is one of the events organised in connection with the exhibition ‘Muistan sinua rakkaudella’ (‘I Remember You with Love’) at Kanneltalo Oct. 26–Nov. 14, 2020

In this event, the Finnish lamentation meets Mexico’s Día de los muertos (Day of the Dead) tradition. In our society, with its emphasis on youth and vitality, death is often spoken of quietly, if at all. Through encounters and different perspectives, though, one can even gain a comforting grip on this vast, difficult subject.

'Muistan sinua rakkaudella' is organised by Kanneltalo, Kannelmäki Library, Kannelmäki Youth Centre, Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki, Kannelmäki Service Centre, Kannelmäki Lutheran Parish, Operation Pulse, Ars Moriendi, Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry, Embassy of Mexico, Pro-Seremoniat ry, Autio Funeral Home and Mandatum Life and Etnosoi!.

Further information: kanneltalo.fi

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