Etnosoi! Festival prepares to be held virtually - Streamed concerts are shown for free and can be viewed worldwide

Presenting the different music cultures of the world, Etnosoi! shows a large part of his festival concerts streamed. Streamed concerts are shown free of charge and can be watched in Finland and abroad. In addition, a limited number of audiences are admitted to concert halls, taking into account the coronavirus restrictions and recommendations in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Ticket sales for public events will be suspended at this stage only for the Seaside Sounds from Finland concert. In addition, Etnosoi! for kids workshops will be canceled. Ticket holders will be offered a refund if the corona situation in the Helsinki metropolitan area deteriorates and restrictions prevent public access to the concert halls.

The corona pandemic is in an accelerating phase in the metropolitan area and it is less than two weeks before the start of the festival. We have been monitoring the situation on a daily basis throughout the fall and streaming has been a contingency plan from the beginning. The safety measures in the concert halls follow the current guidelines, within which we can still take a small number of audiences to the concert halls as well, but it is difficult to predict what the situation will be during the festival week. By streaming concerts in any case, we guarantee that the festival takes place in one form or another. The year has been tough for many, and artists and event organizers, among others, have felt the effects of the restrictions on their lives and wallets. Until the end, we want to stick to the agreed concerts, delight the audience and offer artists work." festival director Jaana-Maria Jukkara justifies the festival's decision.

Etnosoi! live stream playlist: