Iara Dias  - photo Veeti Partanen

Veeti Partanen

Iara Dias (BR)

Thursday, Nov. 11 at 7pm Iara Dias (BR)
at 8pm Vilma Jää (30 min Intermission between concerts) Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2 (Vuosaarentie 7), Helsinki 
20/15 €
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Thursday evening starts with acoustic Brazilian music. The wonderful vocalist Iara Dias and her trio interpret bossa nova, samba and forró songs from renowned Brazilian artists such as Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Rosa Passos and Maria Bethânia.

Dias, who moved to Finland seven years ago, has sung and played guitar since she was a child. In Brazil, she performed with a samba group, and in Finland is known for appearances such as on the Voice of Finland singing competition, where she succeeded with coaching from pop star Anna Puu. Besides her own music, she is specialised in music industry business models and works at two music start-ups, including Music Patron, which she founded.

Appearing onstage with Dias is the Finnish-Brazilian guitarist and pianist João Hämäläinen and multi-instrumentalist Cássio Ribeiro.

Iara Dias - vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar
João Hämäläinen – nylon-string guitar, piano
Cássio Ribeiro - bandolin, accordion, piano

Vilma Jää will perform at the same event after Iara Dias. The ticket price covers both concerts. The concerts are arranged in partnership with Vuotalo as part of Vuotalo’s 20th anniversary gala programme.

19.00 Iara Dias (30 min)
19.30 intermission (30 min)
20.00 Vilma Jää: Kosto (Revenge, 60 min)

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