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Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine

Thursday 5.11. at 19 Vuotalo, Helsinki
tickets 15 / 12
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Ilkka Arola is a jazz trumpeter and crossover artist from Finland who leads Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine. The group describes their music as cinematic adventure music. 

This captivating mix of folk and jazz expression is spiced up with Middle Eastern flavours, modern beats and cinematic soundscapes. The band is known for its powerful live shows, filled with emotional expression and irresistibly catchy grooves.

Travelling in the Middle East and Africa as well as recognizing his own Nordic roots has had a great impact on Arola’s music. He plays the distinctive quartertone trumpet and flugelhorn, which allow him to play Arabic maqams and other microtonal music. 

In a quest for meaningful music-making, Arola started to imitate the human voice with his trumpet. By "singing" through his instrument, Arola tells powerful stories without words.


Ilkka Arola – quartertone trumpet and flugelhorn and saz
Max Zenger – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and flute
Eeti Nieminen – drums
Topi Korhonen – oud and electric guitar
Esko Grundström – double bass
Juuso Hannukainen – percussion 

The concert is produced by the Global Music Centre and Helsinki Cultural Centre.

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