Yasuhide Joju

Kanae Nozawa (JP)

Wednesday 4.11. at 19 (duration about 80 min,  no intermission) Malmitalo, Helsinki
tickets 15 / 12
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Japanese erhu player Kanae Nozawa has earned devoted friends around the world, including in Finland. She has a captivating way of creating unique aural worlds and a wide-ranging repertoire. During this Etnosoi! concert, Nozawa will present her own compositions as well as pieces derived from and inspired by traditional music of China and Japan. Appearing with Nozawa are pianist Maki Furugaki and keyboardist Tamiya Terashima, who is renowned as a film score composer.

Also known as the "Chinese violin", the erhu is one of the most popular traditional Chinese instruments, and is also widely played in Japan. The instrument has two strings, which are played by placing a horsetail bow between them. The bow is treated on both sides with pine rosin. The sound moves through the bridge and a small resonator box covered in python skin, emerging from the rear of the instrument.

NB: Kanae Nozawa also performs at G Livelab Tampere on Nov. 5.