Mónika Lakatos & Gypsy Voices (HU)

Janez Marolt

Mónika Lakatos & Gipsy Voices (HU)

Fri 8.11.2019, at 19.00, Savoy Theatre
Tickets 27/22/15
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The emotionally captivating voice of Mónika Lakatos bears the joys and sorrows, as well as the centuries-old stories and melodies of the Hungarian Olah Gypsy people. She passes them on to the next generation and new audiences with her one-of-a-kind voice. Her first soloalbum Romanimo reached #5 on the World Music Charts Europe. She has also been awarded the Anna Lindh prize (2007), Parallel Cultural prize (2013) and Ethnic Minority prize (2014). 

Mónika Lakatos grew up in Olah Gypsy tradition, where the culture and language is protected by the community. Through the Gipsy Voices project she wants to share the unique Olah melodies and rhythms with others while still respecting the old tradition. 

All the members of  Gipsy Voices project are also members of the group Romengo. Established in 2004, Romengo has performed in over 25 countries and their two albums have been highly praised in world music charts. Even though Romengo is devoted to their own tradition, they collaborate with other groups from different music genres in order to introduce their tradition to the  wider music scene.

Mónika Lakatos & Gipsy Voices: 

Mónika Lakatos - vocals
Mihály Rostás - vocals, guitar
Máté Kovács - can, percussion
Andrea Balogh - vocals
Róbert Lakatos - vocals, guitar
Ildikó Balogh - vocals
Noé Zsolt Balogh - vocals, guitar, spoons


The concert is produced by the Global Music Centre.