Natalia Castrillón - photo Sami Mannerheimo

Sami Mannerheimo

Natalia Castrillón (CO) - The Global Harp, A Transcultural Journey

Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 7pm Malmitalo, Helsinki
16/14 €
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Colombian artist Natalia Castrillón is a multi-faceted harpist, singer and composer, whose musical roots lie in traditional Latin American music as well as classical and experimental music. Based in Helsinki for the past several years, she is much in demand as a musician who is able to cross genre boundaries and touch the listener. Castrillón has developed her own personal way of playing, in which she combines innovative, percussive techniques with more traditional harp playing. Besides the lever harp, she uses the llanera harp, which is typically featured in the traditional joropo music of Colombia and Venezuela, also known as música llanera (music of the plains).

Colombia is richly varied in its nature and cultures. Each region, from the Andes Mountains to the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the vast rainforests and the plains, has developed its own typical musical characteristics.

This Etnosoi! concert is a premiere that takes the listener on an intercultural journey from the shores of the Baltic to Colombia’s musical regions. The concert features new material from Castrillón’s forthcoming debut album, which includes original compositions as well as her arrangements of Colombian folksongs. Acoustic instruments, vocals, live electronics and visuals create a unique world in which the traditional meets the experimental.

Performing alongside Castrillón are three top Colombian musicians and artists based in Helsinki: cellist Sergio Castrillón, sound artist Alejandro Olarte and visual artist Paola Guzman Figueroa, as well as Finnish guitar virtuoso Topi Korhonen, who has extensive experience in playing world music.

Natalia Castrillón: vocals, lever harp, llanera harp 
Sergio Castrillón: prepared cello
Topi Korhonen: guitar, mandolin, percussion, vocals 
Alejandro Olarte: live electronics
Paola Guzmán Figueroa: live visuals

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