Nightingales are singing at Etnosoi! Festival

The next Etnosoi! Festival is  organised 31.10.-14.11.2019

Etnosoi!, one of the oldest world music festivals in Finland will once again offer colorful and touching experiences from around the world in November in Helsinki. Festival celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Global Music Centre with a rich musical setting. The ability of music to break boundaries and to connect cultures and individual musicians is highlighted in this year's festival programme. In addition to different musical styles, rhythms and old music traditions, this year's festival also features nightingales that sing. Nightingales in Berlin is a film about nightingales ​​in Berlin, and international musicians who play with these birds. 

Gabacho Maroc (MA, FR, DZ)

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The Moroccan-French-Algerian Gabacho Maroc fuses old North African gnawa tradition with Middle Eastern rhythms and French lyrics in their music. The band's multilayered rhythms and vocals take the audience almost into a trance. The band has been titled as an 'unforgettable fire' for their peculiar style. 

Nathan Riki Thomson & Resonator (AU, FI, BR, UK)

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The musical diaologue is in a core in Nathan Riki Thomson & Resonator's record release concert, which explores the vibration between instruments, space and musicians. The years spent in Africa and the rhythmical layers of those experiences can be heard in a music of Australian-born bassist and multi-instrumentalist Thomson. In the international band, play and sing, among others internationally acclaimed percussionist Adriano Adewale, versatile vocalist Petra Poutanen-Hurme and award-winning joik singer Hildá Länsman.

Senegalese rhythms will make people dance at the Etnosoi! Festival! Finland's first 'super guitarist' and the man who brought West African music and dance boom to Finland, Hasse Walli with Asamaan, creates an irresistible ‘rhythmical web’ on Senegal Night. 

The Etnosoi! Festival also highlights old traditions. The Hungarian Mónika Lakatos & Gipsy Voices will share their own Olah Romani music tradition to new audiences. Perhaps the oldest and most authentic Hungarian Roma music tradition is represented by the vocal music typical of the Olah Romans, which utilizes not only hand clapping and finger clapping, but also 'tapping' of the tongue and other percussive  features of the human voice. Olah Romans also use a variety of everyday "kitchenware" such as spoons and galvanized jugs to tune the song.

In their joint concert the mixed choir Koiton Laulu & Wimme combine peace and labor songs and joiks. Wimme's unique ability to take the audience with his joiks and storytelling to new landscapes is supported by the sound landscape created by Koiton Laulu with human sounds alone.

Etnosoi! 2019 - some of the events:
Thu 31.10. at 19.00  Zäpämmät, Mascot Bar & Live Stage
Tu 5.11 at 19.00  Koiton Laulu & Wimme, KokoTheater
Wed 6.11. at 19.00 Gabacho Maroc (MA/FR/DZ), Savoy theater
Thu 7.11. at 19.00 Nathan Riki Thomson & Resonator (AU/FI/BR/UK), Vuotalo
Fri 8.11. at 19.00  Mónika Lakatos & Gipsy Voices (HU), Savoy theater
Sat 9.11. at 16.00 Nightingales in Berlin film, Cultural Centre Caisa, auditorioum
Sat 9.11. at 20 Hasse Walli Asamaan Senegal Night, KokoTheater 
To 14.11 at 20 Cuejero (ES/FI/CL), Tenho Restobar

Changes are possible. Check the full programme

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Etnosoi! is organized by Global Music Centre. Etnosoi! is a member of European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. The main supporters of the festival are the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of education and culture. Collaborators are among others Helsinki Cultural Centre, Liikenneturva, the Folk Music Department at University of Arts / Sibelius Academy, Cultural cooperative Uulu, Valofirma and Trio-Offset.