Sarah Palu  - photo Iiris Heikka

Iiris Heikka

Sarah Palu: Ikivirta

Friday, Nov. 12 at 7pm DJ Palmu (foyer of the Sello hall), 8pm Sarah Palu (Sello Hall), Sello Hall, Espoo
18/15 €
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Sarah Palu is a Finnish-French composer and musician whose music flows between ancient Finnish folk music, cinematic soundscapes, electronic and classical contemporary music. Palu’s compositions weave a path to the edges of the conscious mind, illustrating our roots, the inner world and what lies beyond time. In the lyrics, Finno-Ugric folk poetry combines with the artist's own writing.
Palu’s acclaimed debut album Ikivirta (Everflow) was shortlisted for the Etno-Emma 2020 (Finnish Grammy) award and placed in the top 20 of the World Music Charts Europe and the top 10 of the Roots Music Report USA chart. Its songs have more than half a million plays on Spotify alone.
The Etnosoi! Festival offers the audience a unique opportunity to hear the songs from Ikivirta interpreted live by a group of top musicians, for the first time ever in a concert hall.
Palu’s main instruments are kantele and Celtic harp. Besides her own music, she plays in other bands such as Viitasen Piia.

In the foyer of the Sello hall before the Sarah Palu concert, DJ Palmu heats up the festival atmosphere with rhythmic music from around the world. The set list features electro cumbia and Afro house influences, including acoustic, timeless recordings from four continents.
Sarah Palu - kantele, harp
Matias Tyni - keyboards
Maija Pokela - vocals, kantele, sample pad
Maija Kauhanen - percussion, vocals, harmonium
Ilkka Heinonen - bass
Tero Hyväluoma - violin, harmonium
Iida Savolainen - violin, vocals

NOTE! Fri 6.11.2020 Etnosoi! tickets purchased for the Lalala Napoli concert will be accepted for this event on November 12, 2021. If you wish, you can also return advance tickets for the Lalala Napoli concert by October 31, 2021 from this link:

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