Sattuma Duo (ru-kr)

The evening will begin with the announcement of the "Intersection Prize" recognition granted by the Eläköön Folk! gala

New folk music from Karelia

"Sattuma would like to keep performing despite the difficult world situation, because music unites people"
  - Arto Rinne in Karjalan Sanomat, 31 May 2023

The group Sattuma is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a new burst of activity after a break. Sattuma is one of the best-known folk bands from Russian Karelia. Its music combines tradition and modernity.

The band was established in 2003 in Petrozavodsk (known in Finnish as Petroskoi). Since then the band has brought positive feelings with its music to concert halls, clubs and festivals in various parts of Russia as well as in North America, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Estonia, Germany and even Bangladesh.

Sattuma plays new folk music including traditional melodies and songs from Karelia and Ingria, as well as original music. The group sings in various dialects of Finnish, Karelian and Russian. Sattuma has released seven albums and a concert DVD.

Eila Rinne – vocals, violin, jouhikko
Arto Rinne – vocals, compositions, guitar, accordion, kantele, harmonicas