Hasse Walli & Asamaan

Hasse Walli Asamaan (FI, SN, GN) - Senegal Night!

Sat 9.11.2019, at 20.00, KokoTeatteri
Tickets 20/15, age limit 18
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The Etnosoi! festival is happy to have Hasse Walli Asamaan back on the stage. Senegal Night is guaranteed to be excellent with these seasoned and legendary musicians, who are also experts in West African musical traditions. The majority of the band members have played together ever since the band was established. 

Buy your tickets in time! Hasse Walli Asamaan’s previous concert in Helsinki in spring 2019 sold out in few moments.

One of the main figures of the Finnish Senegal dance boom, Hasse Walli and the band creates such a rhythmic web, that it is almost impossible to avoid dancing to the multilayered West African beats. Hasse Walli Asamaan will guide the audience through different moods as the joys and sorrows of life come across in their music. 

Hasse Walli is an accomplished international artist, and considered the first Finnish ‘super guitarist’. His impressive career began in the 1960s with legendary Finnish blues and rock bands. He was a founding member of the first Finnish world music band, Piirpauke. He is also credited with bringing West African music to Finland in the 1980s. 

Since 1982 Walli has lived for part of each year in Senegal, where he is also an established local musician, performing with Youssou N’Dour among others. In 1982-86 he performed and recorded with the Dakar Sound and Afro-Line bands. In 1988 he brought the full African Hasse Walli & Asamaan band to Finland for the first time, after many tours in Senegal. They toured in Finland, Estonia, Sweden and England 1988-92. They released three albums as well as the compilation The Best of Hasse Walli & Asamaan following his 40th anniversary tour. 

All the musicians of Asamaan are accomplished and seasoned both in modern West African music and other musical genres such as jazz.

Hasse Walli Asamaan:

Hasse Walli - guitar, timbales, vocals

Rane Diallo (SN) - vocals, saxophones, percussion

Hassan Bah (GN) - vocals, djembe, bongo

Ndioba Gueye (SN) - bass, vocals

Mamadou Ndoye (SN) - sabar drums

Georges Dieme (SN) - drum kit

Eero Koivistoinen - tenor and soprano saxophone


The concert is produced by the Global Music Centre.

Doors open at 7 pm.


Cheikh Cissokho (SN) - kora, vocals- welcomes the audience as early as 7pm as the doors open. He plays an acoustic solo set in the lounge of the KOKO Theater.
Kora player Cheick Cissokho plays and sings West African traditional music. In the Cissokho family, the kora tradition has passed from father to son for many generations. Born into a musician family, Cheick began playing the kora as a child with his father Solo Cissokho and grandfather Diali Kemo Cissokho.