Vilma Jää  - photo Mikko Malmivaara

Mikko Malmivaara

Vilma Jää: Kosto (Revenge)

Thursday, Nov. 11. at 7pm Iara Dias (BR)
at 20 Vilma Jää (30 min Intermission between the concerts) Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2 (Vuosaarentie 7), Helsinki
20/15 €
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Centuries-old tales, the Finno-Ugric vocal tradition and archive recordings meet electronic music in Vilma Jää’s latest work, Kosto (Revenge). Jää, known as a multi-faceted singer and folk musician, has created a entire work in which she tackles grim subjects and feelings such as hate, grief and revenge, which are often considered unpleasant. The stories told in the concert, from sexual violence to revenge fantasies, as just as much parts of women’s lives in 2021 as 500 years ago.

Vilma Jää is a vocalist, violinist and composer, who works in folk music and alternative pop as well as international opera productions. Her role in Kaija Saariaho’s latest opera, Innocence, has garnered media praise from around the world.

Onstage with her at Vuotalo will be electronic musician Mimi Kantola.

Content warning: sexual violence, violence (minimum age 18).

Vilma Jää: vocals                                                                                                
Mimi Kantola: live electronics
Otso Vartiainen: light design

Iara Dias will perform at the same event before Vilma Jää. The ticket price covers both concerts. The concerts are arranged in partnership with Vuotalo as part of Vuotalo’s 20th anniversary gala programme.

19.00 Iara Dias (30 min)
19.30 intermission (30 min)
20.00 Vilma Jää: Kosto (Revenge, 60 min)

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