Anna Murtola / Vildá

Ayrin Majidi / Vildá

Voices from the North

10.11. at 7pm Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1
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Flamenco from the North and a meeting between joik and accordion!

Anna Murtola from Oulu is the northernmost flamenco singer in the world. Her solo project focuses on the core of flamenco music: the strong and sensitive power of the human voice, which will definitely not leave you cold. This concert celebrates the release of Murtola’s first solo album Fuego Por Dentro, which includes everything between the tragic colors of traditional flamenco to more lighthearted songs. Murtola is accompanied by one of Finland’s leading guitar players, flamenco guitarist Joonas Widenius, Hannu Rantanen, one of Finland’s best known bass players, and percussionist Karo Sampela, based in Spain and regularly working with the most celebrated flamenco artists.

VILDÁ is beginning the concert with a unique blend of strong joiks, grooving rhythms and improvisation. The joiks and the exquisit voice of Hildá Länsman meets the expressive accordion of Viivi Maria Saarenkylä, creating a unique soundscape that  takes the listener to a fascinating journey to the Sámi land – the wild and vast landscapes under the arctic hills and frosty winds. Länsman was awarded with the Intersection Prize in the first Ethno gala last year and Saarenkylä holds the title of Accordionist of the Year 2018.

Anna Murtola – vocals
Joonas Widenius – guitar
Hannu Rantanen – bass
Karo Sampela – percussion

Hildá Länsman - voice
Viivi Maria Saarenkylä - accordion