Yinon Muallem - photo Dılek Muallem

Dılek Muallem

Yinon Muallem: Rast (IL)

Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 7pm Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki
20/15 €
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Yinon Muallem, who performs at Malmitalo on 9 November as part of the Etnosoi! Festival, is one of the key figures in Oriental Jazz. The award-winning composer, master percussionist and oud player is making his first appearance in Finland.

Muallem was born into an Iraqi family in Israel and lived in Istanbul for years. His music takes inspiration from a range of traditions including Sufi, klezmer and Roma music as well as sounds from the Balkans, Turkey and India.

Now based in Stockholm, Muallem has played concerts and collaborated with numerous renowned artists from around the world, composed music for films, released two books and 11 albums.

His latest, The Norwegian Oud, has been a critical success, with Songlines Magazine describing it in September 2021 as follows: “Despite the eclecticism on display, the album maintains a strong cohesion throughout, due to Muallem’s excellent melodic sense and impeccable choice of collaborators. While it was recorded in difficult and traumatic times, Norwegian Oud is a masterful cross-section of modal music, encapsulating both bittersweet melancholy and joyous optimism.

At his Etnosoi! concert, Muallem performs both as a soloist and in a quartet featuring Valeria Conte, a clarinettist and singer specializing in klezmer music. As he explains, the concert title is a pun: “Rast is a Turkish musical mode (or scale), but in Swedish it means taking a break”.

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