Polka Photos
Gabacho Maroc (MA, FR, DZ)
Farkas András
Mónika Lakatos & Gipsy Voices (HU)
Kalle Kallio
Nathan Riki Thomson & Resonator (AU, FI, BR, UK)
Raili Takolander / Wimme Saari
Koiton Laulu and Wimme
Hasse Walli Asamaan (FI, SN, GN)
Martiina Woodson
Cuejero (ES/FI/CL)

Welcome to Etnosoi! Please check the program on these pages - and do visit from time to time. Complementary program will be published during the Autumn with even more concerts, lectures and seminars. Changes are possible.

Etnosoi! Festival is organized by the music institute Global Music Centre.

This year the Centre is celebrating its 40th anniversary year. During its long period of operation, the Global Music Centre has led music research projects and a pioneer  in working with musicians of minority and immigrant background. It also has organized several development cooperation projects around the world involving music, among many other activities. These themes are also emphasized in the program of Etnosoi! 2019 festival. 

The Global Music Centre was founded in 1979, operating until 1991 as the Institute of Workers-Music. The Centre has organized the Etnosoi! festival since 1988.