From Karelia to the Skolt Sámi Lands

“From Karelia to the Skolt Sámi Lands” is a concert featuring Karelian and Skolt Sámi music: songs, leuʹdds and laments performed in the Skolt Sámi, Karelian and Finnish languages. These include traditional songs and originals. The concert is part of a project of the same name exploring the similarities and unique features of Karelian and Skolt Sámi culture through folk music and folklore. These shared elements include long narrative songs, laments, quadrille dances, and a background of resettlement.

The working group include Karelian folk music researchers Amanda Kauranne (vocals, percussion) and Emmi Kuittinen (vocals, accordion, ukulele) as well as two experts in the Skolt Sámi music and dance tradition: Anna Lumikivi (vocals) and Erkki Lumisalmi (vocals).

The concert is arranged in partnership with Vuotalo

NB “From Karelia to the Skolt Sámi Lands” will be performed also in Inari at the Sámi cultural centre Sajos on Friday November 4th.
Info and tickets:

Before the concert at 6 pm please welcome to Vuotalo to hear the presentation of Nuortijärven leuʹddit 1994–1996.