Puoro Jerome & Ruiha Turner (nz)

ORO ATUA - Power to the Puoro

An indigenized experience connecting the audience through the power of Taonga Puoro (ancient Māori musical instruments) to the voices of the elements from our natural environment of Aotearoa (New Zealand) lovingly handed down from our Ancestors.
Hear and see the rare collection of over 50 individual and diverse Taonga Puoro. Jerome and Ruiha share their whānau collection of Taonga Puoro named “Te Tini a Haa“ mixed with modern sound technology to bring together the ancient and the new, from the Nguru (whales tooth nose flute), Porutu Pounamu (greenstone long flute), Putaatara (shell trumpet), to the majestic Koauau Toroa (Royal Albatross wing bone flute).
Share in the sounds, songs and stories of these ancient instruments lovingly handed down from Jerome and Ruiha’s Ancestors. A truly unique, authentic and unforgettable Māori sound experience for all.

Jerome Kavanagh Poutama (Puoro Jerome) is a Grammy award winning Taonga Puoro Māori practitioner, composer and artist.
Jerome Kavanagh Poutama (Puoro Jerome) hails from the iwi (tribe) of Ngāti Maniapoto - Matakore, Mōkai Pātea, Kahungunu, Ngāti Rangi - Awa Whanganui, Tūwharetoa (Māori) as well as Caomhanach (Irish) clan.

Ruiha Turner of Ngāti Pāhauwera and Ngāti Kahungunu ki Te Wairoa iwi (tribe) is a full-time Taonga Puoro Practitioner and Performing Artist.

The duo work in balance as Taha Wahine (female essence) and Taha Tane (male essence), reviving the balanced practice of Tupuna Māori.

Vuotalo's Etnosoi! concert evening will be opened by the Turkish kamancha master and improvisation artist Melisa Yildirim. Her style and influences vary from Sufi music to Anatolian folk music and contemporary music.

The concert is produced by the Global Music Centre and Vuotalo