SINIMUSO – meaning “Women of the Future” in the Bambara language – was born in 2022 as part of the World Wide Women – Women Musicians Crossing Borders and Building Futures project. SINIMUSO focuses on female instrumentalism and various musical traditions from Mali and the regions of the Finno-Ugric peoples. SINIMUSO shows the way to the future by spotlighting seven virtuoso female musicians and collaborations between them. The music is based on Malian and Finnish traditions. Kalevala-metre rune songs and ancient kantele melodies meet Sahara blues, the groovy rhythms of the Bambara people, wild dance and soulful melodies of the Peul (Fulani) people. The songs’ themes relate to the lives of women at various stages of life. The band’s debut album, Rise Up, Sisters, will be released in October 2024, accompanied by a Nordic tour.

Kadidiatou Bah, vocals (ML)
Jenni Hanikka, wind instruments, vocals
Marieta Dembélé, drums (ML)
Bintou Koita, percussion, vocals (ML)
Marjo Smolander, kanteles, vocals
Tima Maiga, guitar, vocals (ML)
Ouassa Sogoba, bala (balafon), vocals (ML)

The concert is produced by Global Club Nights, the Global Music Centre and Vuotalo


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